Name Unification FAQ

Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound is now known as Save the Sound. It’s the same organization with the same mission—just a simpler name.

Connecticut Fund for the Environment and Save the Sound joined forces 15 years ago. We’ve accomplished a lot in that time, but have found that using two different names for one organization can lead to unnecessary complexity and confusion. That’s why, starting in spring 2020, Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound will be known more simply as Save the Sound.

Our mission, our team, and our goals haven’t changed: we’re still the leading force for environmental action across Connecticut, Westchester, NYC, and Long Island, and we continue to fight climate change, save endangered lands, protect and restore the Sound, and work with nature to restore ecosystems.

To express that commitment, we’ve adopted a new tagline—“Action for our region’s environment.”—and redesigned our homepage to showcase the full range of projects that benefit the air you breathe, the waters you drink or swim in, and the beautiful places you cherish.

To learn more, watch a recorded webinar with our president and our director of communications, or read on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have your programs changed? Not at all! You can count on the same team of expert attorneys, engineers, advocates, and project managers delivering the same programs to benefit our shared climate, lands, waters, and regional ecosystem. Learn more about our comprehensive programs here, and our unique toolbox here.

Why did you make this change? Since Save the Sound and CFE joined 15 years ago, we’ve tried a variety of approaches to our names. Each had its challenges, and we increasingly found the dual-name situation caused confusion and even waste (two versions of many things).

In 2019 our board and staff worked with a consultant firm to evaluate options. We asked our members and activists and people who care about the environment but aren’t yet involved—in inland Connecticut, coastal Connecticut, Westchester and NYC, and Long Island—to evaluate Save the Sound, Connecticut Fund for the Environment, and three new names. Over 800 people responded, and the results were overwhelming: Save the Sound was identified as the most overall successful option twice as often as any other name. It had the best name recognition and the most people who said they’d want to get involved.

Our Board voted unanimously to accept Save the Sound as the single unifying name for the organization. To reflect our continued commitment to the entire region’s well-being, we also revamped this website to better showcase our full range of programs, and adopted a new tagline: “Action for our region’s environment.”

With one name, we’ll be able to focus energy on building a strong movement around a single powerful brand.

What’s the role of Soundkeeper? Soundkeeper, formerly a separate organization, merged into Save the Sound a couple of years ago. Our Long Island Soundkeeper, Bill Lucey, still patrols the waters in his boat and speaks for the Sound.

How should I make out checks? Please make out checks to Save the Sound—and thank you! If you do accidentally make out a check to CFE, don’t worry, we can still deposit it.

Can I still designate my gifts? Absolutely. General donations to Save the Sound support all our programs and operations, giving us maximum flexibility to respond to emerging threats. It is still  possible to designate significant gifts to a specific program area; if you’d like to do that, please contact Michelle at

Where are your offices? Our headquarters remain in New Haven, and we have an office in Mamaroneck and a full-time staffer on Long Island.

Has your contact info changed? Our phone numbers are the same. All staff will begin to use email addresses (but if you have in your address book, it will still get to us).

What’s happening with social media? Over time, we’ll retire the CFE social media accounts. Please follow Save the Sound on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Want to talk? Just shoot us an email at and a team member will get back to you soon.

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