Defending Your Local Lands

Our region is known for its lush tree canopy, healthy forests, and acres upon acres of water company-owned open space. Whether you’re a mom who wants pure drinking water for your kids, a retiree savoring a tranquil moment of solitude, a group of friends hoping to share a hike or bike ride, or a rural town trying to protect its local charm, defending these lands is vital.

Drinking Water and Utility Lands

Nothing protects your drinking water like the forests that buffer our reservoirs and help filter the rivers and streams that flow into them. But these Class I & II lands are at risk. Bad development, corporate mergers between utilities and water company land owners, and land-use changes—all can result in more water polluted, more lands lost, and more habitats destroyed.

That’s where Save the Sound comes in. Together with our allies and supportive members like you, we have:
Protected more than 100,000 acres of water company lands that surround Connecticut’s drinking water reservoirs.

  • Helped pass laws to defend another quarter-million acres of privately owned, undeveloped, and unprotected forestland.
  • Worked through utility merger proceedings to protect nearly 10,000 acres of open space in over 90 towns and cities throughout Connecticut.
  • Currently we are fighting a bad proposal by Tilcon and New Britain which would eliminate acres of critical, top quality Class I & II lands. Stay tuned this legislative session, we expect Tilcon will once again try to take this drinking water protection land for their mining activities.

Trees and Your Town’s Character

Preserving large tracts of land is necessary, but so is conserving trees and open spaces in your neighborhood. Connecticut’s roadside trees provide cleaner air, shade, absorbing stormwater, and higher property values. They are part of New England’s distinctive charm, but aggressive tree cutting by the state’s two largest electric utilities seriously threaten these trees.

These efforts have already left many neighborhoods devoid of tall trees and have mangled others, leaving them structurally unsound and at greater risk for disease and death. We can reduce risk to electric infrastructure without decimating Connecticut’s roadside trees. Learn how to protect your neighborhood’s trees.

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