Stopping Water Pollution

Long Island Sound is often called America’s great urban estuary.

Roughly nine million people live on its shores and the lands that drain to it. With this concentration of people, sadly, comes pollution in many forms, from sewage to fertilizers to litter. Stemming the tide of that pollution to keep the Sound healthy and clean requires constant vigilance, and an ongoing commitment of time and money.

Save the Sound has multiple programs designed to reduce pollution entering the Sound. Every year the Connecticut Cleanups engage thousands of citizens to tackle the most visible pollution—marine debris. Every summer we train a corps of volunteers to help find and eliminate a persistent, dangerous, and largely invisible pollutant that closes beaches and shellfishing beds—fecal bacteria. And every day we are employing all the tools in our toolbox to fight enemy #1 for Long Island Sound—nitrogen pollution that causes dead zones and damages our precious coastal marshes.

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Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 12 p.m.
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