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Paddle for the Sound Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an easy and impactful way for you to raise money from family and friends to support Save the Sound. For those unfamiliar with this concept, peer-to-peer fundraising is when supporters ask for donations from their friends and family to raise money on an organization’s behalf. Save the Sound invites Paddle for the Sound participants to set up an individual fundraising page on JustGiving, Facebook, or Instagram. Set a goal for how much you want to raise, and start asking friends and family members for gifts.

Step-by-Step for Hosting a Peer-to-Peer Campaign:


• Go to JustGiving.
• Click on “Start Fundraising”.
• Create an account if you don’t already have one.
• Set your fundraising target and fill in the other necessary details about your fundraiser.
• Customize your fundraising page with a compelling story. Share why you are passionate about supporting Save the Sound and what the Paddle for the Sound event means to you.
• Add photos or videos to make your page more engaging.
• Once you have customized your page, click “Create your page”.
• Share your fundraising link with your friends and family via email and social media.


Step 1: Launch your campaign on Facebook with an initial post about your fundraiser.

From desktop: Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click See More.
From mobile: Tap the lower right-hand menu icon and scroll down until you find Fundraisers (look for the heart-shaped icon).
• Click + Raise Money.
• Select Nonprofit or Charity.
• Select a charitable organization (Save the Sound), fill in the fundraiser details, and the event cover image should automatically populate.
• Click Create.

Step 2: Send the email below to friends and family to encourage their support.

Step 3: Use the suggested social media posts (posts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 below), and watch the support for your campaign grow!


• Edit your Instagram profile and add the link to your JustGiving or Facebook fundraising page in the website section of your bio.
• Write a short bio description about your fundraiser, e.g., “Join me in supporting @SavetheSound through Paddle for the Sound! Donate here: [link in bio].”
• Share regular updates about your fundraising efforts with your followers.
• Use photos and videos from previous Paddle for the Sound events or pictures of waterways you want to protect.
• Write engaging captions explaining why this cause is important to you and how people can help. Include calls to action, such as “Click the link in my bio to donate!”

Tips for All Communications:

Include a photo of you participating in a previous Paddle for the Sound event or a beautiful spot you hope to paddle in the future. Creating short, selfie-style videos can be incredibly engaging. You can give shout-outs to your friends and people who have donated, which will encourage others to join in and give!

Email Template to Send to Friends and Family:

Subject Line: Paddle for the Sound is Almost Here! Join Me and Support Save the Sound

Dear Friend,

You may know that I’m a proud [select one: member, supporter, volunteer, etc.] of Save the Sound.

Each year, people across the region unite to support Save the Sound through Paddle for the Sound. This year, we can protect our waterways and advocate for cleaner, healthier environments.

Many people have found peace and adventure on the water during the pandemic. Let’s return the favor and care for our waterways, ensuring everyone can enjoy these natural resources.

Therefore, I ask that you join me in raising support for Save the Sound to further its programs that empower ALL to enjoy and preserve our aquatic environments.

Your gifts in honor of Paddle for the Sound are used to support Save the Sound’s initiatives. This includes protecting Long Island Sound, advocating for cleaner water, and preserving vital ecosystems. We need your help to continue this important work! This means your donation helps to organize community clean-ups, support legislative efforts for environmental protection, and educate the next generation about the importance of conservation.

The funds raised from my campaign will support these vital programs, inspiring more people to join us in preserving our beautiful waterways.

Thank you for your support of my campaign and Save the Sound! Make your gift today at [Save the Sound Donation Link] or find my fundraiser at [insert social media handle or link].

Even a small donation will help me achieve my goal!

Thank you for your support!

Paddle On!

[Your Name]

P.S. Save the Sound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations to which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. A receipt will be e-mailed by Save the Sound to any donor who contributes to my campaign.

Social Media Post Examples with Timeline:

POST 1: Two Weeks Before the Event

Hi friends! Together we can protect our watershed and advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment. Join me in supporting Save the Sound through Paddle for the Sound! @SavetheSound [Insert Donation Link]

POST 2: One Week Before the Event

The Paddle for the Sound event is just one week away. My goal is to paddle [X] number of miles in support of clean water. Join me by making a gift to my fundraising campaign! @SavetheSound [Insert Donation Link]

POST 3: Two Days Before the Event

Celebrate Paddle for the Sound with me by sharing why clean water is important to you. Tag [@YourSocialHandle], #PaddleForTheSound, and @SavetheSound to spread the word. Please also make a gift to my campaign to support Save the Sound and protect our waterways. [Insert Donation Link]

POST 4: Event Day

10 days of Paddle for the Sound starts today! Celebrate by taking action with me to protect our waterways. All gifts to my fundraising page go to supporting clean water and preserving our natural resources. @SaveTheSound [Insert Donation Link]

POST 5: A Few Days After the Event

Thank you to everyone who supported @SavetheSound during Paddle for the Sound. With your help, we raised funds to protect and preserve our waterways. [Insert Donation Link]

Adjust the text for each of your social media platforms. Remember to include the link in your bio on Instagram, or add the “swipe up” feature to your stories.

Facebook: @savethesoundct

Instagram: @cfe.savethesound

Twitter: @savethesound

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