Tantalizing: the Mystery of Plum Island’s Wildlife, Part 3

Matt Schlesinger, chief zoologist with the NY Natural Heritage Program, describes listening for rare bird calls and watching for foraging sea turtles as the program completes a biologic study of Plum Island.

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The Mystery of Plum Island’s Wildlife Will Soon be Revealed

This article is the first in a series which will follow the work of the New York Natural Heritage Program, and a team of scientists as they complete a year-long comprehensive field study of the fauna and flora of Plum Island, NY. 

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A Visit to Great Gull Island

Last week, we joined other environmentalists from Connecticut and New York for a visit to Great Gull Island, the larger of the two islands in between Plum Island and Fishers Island. Great Gull Island is owned by the American Museum of Natural History and lies at the eastern end of Long Island Sound, sandwiched between […]

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Preserve Plum Island Coalition: Keep Our Treasured Gem Safe

To anyone who spends time walking along its shoreline or floating on its waters, it’s pretty obvious that the Long Island Sound abounds with life. Terns wheel in the sky before plummeting for small bait fish that ripple the surface. Diamondback terrapins float in tidal creeks, their presence belied by heads bobbing at the surface. […]

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Audubon Connecticut: Partnering to Protect Connecticut’s Coastal Birds

This summer, an alliance of Connecticut conservationists are joining together to provide increased protection for vulnerable beach-nesting birds along the shores of Long Island Sound. The Audubon Alliance for Coastal Water birds is working with the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Coastal Program, and the Connecticut […]

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