The COVID pandemic and atmospheric CO2, Part II

Our Science and Policy Series on Greenhouse Gases continues today with this post on atmospheric CO2 contents and the response of atmospheric CO2 levels to the 2020 pandemic drop in CO2 emissions. Guest blogger Johan C. Varekamp is Harold Stearns Professor in Earth Sciences, emeritus, at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. He has authored approximately […]

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The COVID pandemic and atmospheric CO2, Part I

Last week, we introduced our Science and Policy Series on Greenhouse Gases. Today, we offer our first post, which looks at the effect of the COVID pandemic on CO2 emissions and the relationship between emissions and our global economy. Please welcome our guest blogger, Johan C. Varekamp, whose combination of professional expertise and straightforward explanations […]

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Just the (Climate) Facts, Please

Introducing Our Science and Policy Series on Greenhouse Gases You already know that greenhouse gases—and particularly CO2 emissions—are a major driver of rising temperatures and, therefore, climate change. But just how much greenhouse gas is our planet subject to now, how dangerous is it for our climate, and what needs to be done? These are […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Save the Sound releases study on benefits of CT’s electric vehicle policies

In order to meet its climate priorities, Connecticut must address the sector that causes more than one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the state: transportation. Clean cars are essential to meeting those priorities. A study released this week by Save the Sound shows that adopting California’s Advanced Clean Cars II Zero-Emissions Vehicle requirements would not […]

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Weekly Update: It’s the Climb

The Slow, Steady Climb Toward Progress on EPF Lobby Day  Somewhere along your second six-story schlep up to the 9th floor of the Legislative Office Building in New York’s state capitol complex, the irony of a “lobby day” dawns on you.   The term suggests a meeting that historically has happened in a lobby (preferably one a […]

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Energy 102: Taking Initiative with Greenhouse Gases

This is the second entry in our new Energy 101 series, designed to empower you to fight climate change. View last week’s post here: Energy 101: Shifting into High Gear Towards Our Green Future. *** How much do you pay for the air you breath? Sounds like a funny question. After all, air is free, isn’t it? […]

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Natural Gas Has A Methane Problem

While our nation’s enormous natural gas boom has helped cut carbon dioxide emissions, it has also revealed several issues working against our wallets and our climate goals.

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Generating Clean Power for CT: RGGI and Wind Regulations

“Fridays in the Field” is on vacation this week. Instead, we have an action opportunity for you! Read on to make a difference for Connecticut’s air and the climate.

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